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A Shiatsu Massager for Hot Tubs
Non-Electric, Water Driven Massager


U.S. and Foreign Patents


There's nothing in the hot tub market like the Aquassage. No other spa massager provides a soothing, comfortable massage to the neck and upper shoulder muscles like the Aquassage.

The Aquassage is the world's only non-electric spa massager to provide a Shiatsu massage for spa and hot tub users. This turbine-driven spa massager provides a slow, undulating massage on the neck and shoulders, without water splashing all over.

Throughout the years, tens of thousands of hot tub users have enjoyed the hydrotherapeutic effect of the Aquassage. Dr. Paul E. Wakim, D.O., an orthopedic surgeon in California, has evaluated the Aquassage, and determined it is perfectly safe for use by adults in spas and hot tubs.


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