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Energy Test Report
conducted by
California Polytechnic University

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Spa Power Usage

Spa Stand-by Power Test Results
Lowest Energy Usage with
a Spa Electric Heater

The test performed at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo for compliance to Title 20 as required by the California Energy Commission (C.E.C.).

27 spas from major spa manufacturers were submitted for testing and these are the results (click on the Energy Report to the left).

The test results were identified by letters in the report and not by manuifacturer or product name.

The standard spa identified by letter "V" in the report was tested using our patented controls, patent pending heater, patented manifold, and patent pending pump system.

The results were 58% below the allowed energy usage as defined by the C.E.C. (see Table 2, Page 6 of Test Report).

The industry standard spa was submitted by CoverPlay, a major Spa Cover manufacturer using their cover and our support system.

NOTE: Spas identified by "K", "L", and "M" in the report were the only tubs presented and tested without electric heaters.

“Thank you very much for your support and your consultation efforts in assisting me with this energy efficient project. I am pleased to announce that with your efforts to enhance the controller to accommodate my more efficient COVER•PRO spa cover we have exceeded my original energy goals. Our test facility was designed to meet the specifications required by the CEC for spas in California and employed a watt-hour meter to monitor energy use. The spa tested was an industry standard 350 gallon model with a single 2 speed 4 hp continuous duty pump with the water temp set at 104°. My test results from October 2007 to May 2008 have steadily shown an average energy use of 2.33 kwh per 24 hour period using the program you modified for me. For comparison a 2 year old XXXXX Spa in the ambient set at 100 degrees with a factory provided wide hinged cover tested at 14.45 kwh per 24 hour period. These significant differences have been filed in a report by me to the Emerging Technologies Division of PG&E for review by the CEC and examining test facility at Cal Poly. As I await their results and accreditation I would like to offer you the first opportunity to benefit from this new collaborative effort as I look forward to working with you for a more energy efficient industry and a greener planet. Thank you for your generosity, humble demeanor and sense of humor as it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

E. Jess Tudor
Coverplay, Inc.