Letter from the founder and CEO of Regal Spas

In 1984 I started my exciting and passionate journey in the spa industry. Having worked in every facet of spa manufacturing, I learned that dedication to customer satisfaction is the key to success. My background in Civil Engineering at Cal State Long Beach, added to my commitment to excellence and passion for innovation are behind my many patents.

In 1987 I established Acura Spa Systems, Inc. Twenty-six years later and with sales of more than 1,250,000 innovative spa products operating in the field, the company produces a full line of pumps, spa controls, equipment packs, heaters, blowers and a wide range of unique spa massagers.

In 1988 I became a stockholder in a startup spa manufacturer in Virginia. I supplied pumps, blowers, and controls as well as providing industry know-how. I sold my interest at a later time.

In 1990 I cofounded a large existing spa manufacturer in California. I served as the president from inception in 1990 until 1997 when I sold my interest in the company. During this period the company went from 0$ sales to 16$ million annual sales.

In 1993 I was a vice-president and a share-holder of an injection molding company. I sold my interest in 2003.

In 1988 I introduced to the spa industry the first 2.0 hp continuous-duty, 48-Frame, through bolt, spa pump.

In 1996, per my request, Magnetek Motors produced the first 56-Frame, through bolt electric motor for Acura Spa Systems, Inc. This motor type has since become a spa pump industry standard.

In 1998 I introduced to the spa market a patented mechanical water driven massager for the neck and upper shoulders, the “Aquassage”.
Many leading spa manufacturers adapted the “Aquassage” on their spas. Thousands of satisfied spa bathers have enjoyed the benefits of a true one of a kind shiatsu massage.

From the overwhelming success of the “Aquassage” and many appreciative calls from spa bathers, I learned that spa users appreciate and enjoy a deep penetrating physical massage that is by far more intense than the simple sensations felt by the standard water jets traditionally used by spa manufacturers.

With innovation, determination, experience and countless hours devoted to continually growing and improving a new line of massaging jets, in 2000 I introduced the “Vibra-Jet” a revolutionary water driven vibrating massager followed in 2002 by the “Rollassage” a kneading turbine driven spa massager.

I was granted seventeen U.S. patents, three foreign patents and several pending patents. Armed with my technical innovations, twenty-eight years of experience in the spa industry and an unsurpassed passion for innovation and creativity, I founded Regal Spas.

The concept behind Regal Spas is to create a new era in massaging hydrotherapy which will unfold with the introduction of the first exceptional massaging spa.

I have invested countless hours in research and development to design and produce ergonomic spa molds made to contour to the spa bather’s body and provide absolute comfort.

Four specialized massagers and four series of water jets provide the Regal Spa bather with sensations no other spa manufacturer can mimic. Our patent pending “AquaRest” deep penetrating massage is unachievable with standard water jets. The patent pending Variable Flow water valve optimizes the pump's performance at the jets. This design is unique to Regal Spas.

Our spa pumps are the quietest, most energy efficient and by far the ultimate in optimizing water performance especially when used with the state of the art manifold uniquely designed for the Regal Spas hydraulic system.

Our patent pending motor cooler system will extend the life time of your spa pump's electric motor while transferring most of the wasted heat energy from the motor to your spa water.

Our corrosion free patent pending Titanium heaters are 100% efficient at transferring electrical to heat energy since they are 100% submerged in water. Combined with our patented Automatic Air Bleeder, our heating system is immune to Dry Fire, claims no other spa manufacturer can make.

Our reliable Mega e-Saver digital controls are the result of 28 years of experience in the spa industry with features that make sense. The Mega e-Saver digital control is equipped with 11,000 watt Titanium Heater that heats your spa water twice as fast and saves you 50% of low speed running time from each heating cycle. For energy efficiency, the Mega e-Saver digital control is designed to only turn the heaters “On” when necessary.

A unique dual bypass spa filtration system with a state of the art waterfall is by far the best on the market designed and produced exclusively by Regal Spas.

Our heat entrapment “Nar Belt” spa cabinet is exclusively designed to capture and recirculate the heat generated in the equipment bay under the spa while insulating the spa plumbing and equipment bay from the outside environment. Other spa manufacturers waste this expensive heat energy by exhausting it away or by bringing fresh air into the equipment bay.

The “Nar Belt” spa cabinet isolates the area under the spa from the weather. Our patent pending motor cooler system extends the life expentancy of the pump motor.

At Regal Spas, in addition to our exciting and revolutionary products, our commitment to customer satisfaction is our most valuable asset.

Joseph Elnar
Founder and CEO
Acura Spa Systems, Inc.
Regal Spas, Inc.

Family: Happily married with two children.

Sports: volleyball, swimming, snow skiing, ping pong, river rafting.

Hobbies: Traveling and enjoying my kids.

Langauages: English, French, Arabic, and Spanish.

Financial: Never had a bankruptcy or bounced checks (personal or business).

All vendors have always been paid on time and in full.