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A Spa Filtration System Uniquely Designed By Regal Spas

Filtration System   Filtration System


Our filter system is uniquely equipped with dual bypass valves to ensure safety for the spa bathers as well as the safety of the pump seal in case the filters get dirty or clogged.

Most standard spa filters are provided with a single bypass that my not have a large enough opening to provide a bypass of an adequate volume of water in order to keep the pump seal cool or to provide the safety of a dual suction to the pump intake that is mandated per UL standard 1563 and I.A.P.M.O.

Many spa manufacturers would consider the standard spa filter as the first suction and they would provide the second suction in the spa plumbing to meet the UL requirement.

At Regal Spas we believe if the filter cartridge is clogged a single bypass may not be a large enough volume for the performance of the pump and will increase the vacuum pressure on the single drain that is connected to the pump intake.

For additional safety, we had to design and produce the dual bypass filter system so enough volume of water could get to the pump to keep the seal cool so it does not burn out and manage the vacuum pressure by having at least one more opening for the pump intake in addition to the spa drain.

We made it easy to remove the dual filter cartridges from the filtration system.

The water fall cascades water over a colorful Crystal led light adding an exquisite touch of elegance and romance when bathing in a Regal Spa.

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