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Industry standrad manifold
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Regal Spas Titanium 11kW Heater
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Titanium Spa Heaters

100% Efficient 100% Submerged in Water 100% Warranted
Patented and
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O-Ring Seal,
No Bulkheads

5-Year Warranty

11kW for fast
heat recovery

For longevity,
81.67 watt density
for each 5.5kW heater
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The Most Reliable and Energy Efficient Patented Spa Heating Technology

In hot tubs and spas the electrical spa heater is the most important component and the most problematic. The materials that construct the hot tub heater must be carefully selected to resist corrosion, prevent 'dry-fire' and heat efficiently.

Regal Spas has engineered effective and proven solutions:

1 - Resist Corrosion
In our patented and patents pending spa heater we eliminated all materials that will rust or fail in spa water environment. Our heater is constructed with no bulkheads, no welds and no epoxy.

2 - Prevent 'Dry-Fire'
It is commonly known that air trapped in the heater chamber will burn the heater. Our patented Automatic Air Bleeder is installed on the heater manifold and allows the air to escape from the heater chamber providing an effective solution to dry fire heaters.

3 - Heat Efficiently
Our single sheath submersible electric heaters are 100% efficient. In addition, on all hot tubs and spas, when the spa heater is 'On' the spa pump is running. At Regal Spas we "kill 3 birds with 1 stone." Our 11kW spa heater provides faster heat recovery and cuts down on pump energy consumption. In addition, when the pump is pumping water, the pump motor is generating heat; our patented Motor Cooler transfers this wasted heat and puts it back into the spa water.

Our patented and patents pending Spa Heater along with our patented Automatic Air Bleeder and our patented Motor Cooler are engineered to extend the life of our spas.

Remember, if the spa pump is not running the energy consumption is $0!

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