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The Worlds Only Non-Electric
Water-Driven Spa Massagers

U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending

Purchasing a luxurious spa is a lifetime investment.
On average, consumers will use a spa at least three times a week. As a hot tub buyer, you can bath in a water powered massaging spa, or in a standard water jet, the choice is yours.
Only in a Regal Spas, bathers can relax in warm water and experience the ultimate hydromassage. Sensations no other spa manufacturer can mimic. Our patented non-electric water-driven mechanical hot tub massagers are designed and produced only by Regal Spas. Our hot tub bathers enjoy a unique hydromassage in hot water that cannot be duplicated by a professional masseuse.
You owe it to yourself to visit our showroom and try our hydro powered massagers and our unique water jets before you make your final spa purchase.
Call us at 951-684-6667 ext. 223 Monday through Friday for an appointment, or click here to request more information.

All other hot tubs create a massage simply by squirting water. Only in Regal Spas bathers enjoy direct contact massage with true mechanical massagers!

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Turbo Twister Massaging Jet
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