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Energy Test Report
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California Polytechnic

Mega e-Saver

Mega e-Saver Spa Side Control

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Digital Spa Side Control



Spa thermal management is critical to properly maintain temperature and save energy. The Mega e-Saver is engineered to turn “on” the spa heater(s) only when it is necessary. The Mega e-Saver's uniquely designed software saves Regal Spas consumers hundreds of dollars in wasted electrical energy while maintaining the correct water temperature. The Mega e-Saver and our electric heater used the least energy when presented for testing in a spa at Cal Poly for C.E.C. Title 20 compliance. The tested spa powered by the Mega e-Saver was identfied by letter 'V' in the test report (please see link on left to view the report, Table 6).

At Regal Spas we manufacture our controls per our specifications.

Our controls are equipped with 25 years of experience and knowledge in producing spas, spa heaters, spa pumps and spa controls...

The Regal Spas Mega e-Saver is equipped with 11Kw heater to cut the heating cycle in half. In doing so, Regal Spas consumers save 50% of low speed running time for each heating cycle.

Our 11Kw heater heats up the spa water twice as fast when compared with other spas that provide a 5.5Kw or even a 4.0 Kw heater.

The Mega e-Saver is also equipped with many other programmable features that are well described in our operations manual.

All Regal Spas are powered by the Megatrol.

Megatrol Digital Spa Control
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