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Megaflow Spa Pump

Energy efficient motor draws only 275 watts with a hydraulic efficient pump at 59 gpm (Gallons Per Minute). The quietest pump in the industry with a noise level less than 67 db. Combined with our patented Motor Cooler, Regal Spas produces the best pump in the hot tub industry.

Megaflow Spa Pump





Our president and CEO has been designing and producing spa pumps since 1987. Most spa manufactures purchase their pumps from spa pump manufactures, at Regal Spas we design and manufacture all of our pumps inhouse. The consumer benefits from our knowledge and production experience. We build the best products and proudly stand behind them.

Our pumps are designed to convert electrical to mechanical energy as efficiently as possible. Our unique pump design performs at maximum mechanical output with the least hydraulic noise while still minimizing the electrical load.

Excessive heat shortens a pump motor's life expectancy. Many spa manufacturers are not recycling the lost heat energy back into the spa water where it is needed the most. Instead they have created unique ways to exhaust this heat energy outside of the spa cabinet while consumers are paying big $ to keep the spa water hot. Our motor cooler system when provided on our pumps, recycles part of the heat energy generated by the pump motor back into the spa water while helping to cool the pump motor.

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