Mega e-Saver Spa Side Control
Mega e-Saver


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Megatrol Digital

Megatrol Digital Spa Control

Patented and Patents Pending




The Megatrol™ digital system we proudly offer today represents 21 years of research and experience in manufacturing controls for the spa industry. Over two decades ago, we set out to design and manufacture reliable, inexpensive and easy-to-use controls. We have achieved those goals and gone far beyond them in our newest Megatrol™ series which is designed and produced with the highest quality materials available in the market today.

Rust free enclosures:
The injection molded rust and rattle-free enclosure equipped with a patent-pending 3.5" I.D. rust-free water manifold system reduces friction losses and optimizes the pump performance.

3" plumbing reduces friction losses:
The inlet and outlet of the heater manifold are provided with 3" tailpieces to optimize the pump's performance.

Patented Automatic Air Bleeder:
Out patented Automatic Air Bleeder, releases trapped air from the heater manifold that causes dry fire.

11kW Titanium Heater for faster temperature recovery:
The Megatrol™ is powered with two 5,500 watt heaters. Each coiled heater is equivalent to a 67" long heater resulting in a lower watt density per square inch. A lower watt density heater provides longer life and less strain on the heater while producing the same temperature output.
Our patent pending 11kW Titanium heater cuts the heating cycle time by half saving Regal Spa consumers at least 50% of low-speed pump running time.

Consumer friendly troubleshooting indicator lights:
A series of troubleshooting indicator lights are provided on the upper front panel to easily diagnose most common electrical problems.

Energy saving digital controller:
Regal Spa controls are equipped with a unique microprocessor that only heats the water when it is necessary saving consumers operating cost.

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