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Rollassage Spa Massager  


Reflexology is the use of special techniques to break up and remove blockages in the body and restore proper circulation of blood to any given area.

The focus of Reflexology is on the feet and hands where the nerve endings are located. The feet and hands mirror the entire body and every organ and body part can be found in them.

In these nerve endings, crystalline deposits form wherever there is a blockage of blood or energy. With the special techniques used in Reflexology, these deposits can easily be broken up and released into the blood stream for proper elimination.

At Regal Spas we designed the Rollassage™ with Reflexology in mind. While traditional water jets deliver water pressure, the Rollassage™ provides direct contact with the bottom of the feet: 3 rotating balls act like rotating knuckles to gently but firmly rub down those tired and overworked pressure points. The Rollassage™ helps relieve tension and improve blood circulation.

When designing our products, we always keep in mind the user. The Rollassage™ mechanism is removable from within the spa for easy service if needed.


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