Caesar Spa
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Titanium Heater
11kW Titanium Heater
O-Ring Seal
No Bulkheads
5 Year No-Fault Warranty

Megaflow Spa Pump

Powered by
A.O. Smith Motors

Patent Pending

Chlorine And Ozone Generation
The Best Natural Spa Sanitization
In The Industry

Can generate up to 4 grams/hour of chlorine!

Save Thousands Of Dollars By Not Purchasing Chlorine Or Bromine

Regal spas are equipped with a complete sanitization system that naturally converts salt into chlorine with no additional harmful chemicals. Our hot tubs are also equipped with an ozone generator.

The combination of chlorine generator and ozone generator turns our spa into a fresh hot spring. Additionally, our hot tub consumer will save thousands of dollars in future chemical purchases.

Our Mega e-Saver control is equipped with four independent filtration cycles. Just program each cycle to run for 40 minutes. After each use, just press the Set button on our Mega e-Saver control to activate one addtional hour of immediate filtration.

When filtration is active, our energy efficient spa motor pumps 59 Gallons-per-Minute and consumes only 1.2 amps of electricity (0.27 kWh).

Our computer allows the spa operator to program up to four independent filtration cycles. Our spas do not need to run the filtration pump 24 hours a day even though the consumer may decide to do so.

For optimal electrical efficiency, unlike other brands, Regal Spas do not need to run the filtration cycle 24 hours...
Keep in mind, if the pump is not running the energy consumption is $0!

*Your spas location, water chemistry, the number of people using it, or general usage may lengthen the time your spa needs to run for proper filtration.