Three Inch Plumbing

Efficient Hydraulic Design
Engineered Like No Other Spa On The Market

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

A Homogeneous spa hydraulic system is designed from the pump Impeller to the water jets. A Regal spa performs above and beyond other normal spas for the following reasons:

  1. We designed the perfect Impeller that pushes water inside the pump housing.
  1. We also have designed the ideal pump housing necessary to maximize impeller performances needed in a perfect spa hydraulic system.
  1. All our pumps inlets and outlets are supplied with 3" plumbing to reduce friction losses and insure the adequate water flow at maximum pressure.
  1. We have designed large coiled heater to minimize water flow obstruction while heating the water.
  1. We have designed the perfect manifolds to deliver water through the jets with minimum friction losses.
  1. Our optimized spa hydraulics don't use an additional costly circulating pump.
  1. Our energy efficient two-speed spa pump only draws 1.2 Amps and pumps 59 Gallons per minute on low-speed (filtration and heating cycle).

Using less horsepower, we have achieved the best jet performance and best water filtration at the lowest operating costs.

You owe it to yourself to visit our showroom for a spa water test and experience a massaging action no other spa or hot tub can mimic.

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