Premium Marine Stereo

True Marine Audio

While some manufacturers simply place automotive equipment in a box and mark it "marine", our components are thoroughly developed for the marine environment. The circuit boards are coated in a moisture proof coating for extremely high reliability.

This unit does not have a CD player built in, instead it consists of a waterproof wired controller and a separate black box that is under the spa. This unit is designed for those who prefer there MP3 players or their iPOD instead of CDs. The unit does provide internal storage (like an iPOD) as well as connections for MP3 players, iPOD, a CD Changer (sold separately), as well a connection for Sirius Satellite Radio (satellite reciever sold separately).

Splash-proof and Waterproof
180 Watts (4 x 45 watts) peak amplifier power
AM/FM Tuner
Inputs for Sirius Satellite Radio, MP3 or iPOD
Inputs for CD Changer
Onboard Storage for over 350 hours of music

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