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Regal Spas: The Best Engineered Hot Tubs And Most Affordable Spas

Our Synergy is a guide to embark consumers on a longlasting and enjoyable spa experience. All spa and hot tub dealers say they sell the best, but they can't all be correct!!! In a spa setting a hydraulic system consists of pump(s), heater(s), filter(s), tubing, water jets, water manifolds, heater manifolds, air bleeder, variable flow water valves, spa lights, digital controls and massagers. Unlike other regular spa manufacturers, at Regal Spas with the exception of tubing and filter cartridges we design and produce them all. Regal Spas has invested millions of dollars in designing and tooling unique and advanced products so our spa bathers can feel and enjoy the ultimate hydromassage in hot water. In addition we are able to better manage quality and control our costs so our consumers can get the best value for their money when buying our products.

When shopping for spas consumers should ask:

      Show me the massagers!

Hydrotherapy is defined as massaging in hot water. In a normal spa the bather can enjoy soaking in warm water as well as the use of standard water jets. At Regal Spas we went far beyond the norm, we have added patented mechanical and water driven massagers to simulate the rubbing fingers of a professional masseuse. The spa bather can only experience this feeling in a Regal Spa.
At Regal Spas we believe we have achieved the best and the most economic hydrotherapy system known to spa bathers.
Our unique, patented and patent pending spa massagers are well placed in our spas to target different points of your body while enjoying the warm water.

      Show me the 11kW heaters!

Our heaters and manifolds are 100% weld free. Our long lasting 11,000 Watt dual heaters are designed to heat up the water as fast as possible. With a dual heater system we heat up the spa water twice as fast while saving 50% of circulating pump electrical consumption during each spa heating cycle. A heating cycle may be "ON" more than three times a day.
Our single sheathed patented and patents pending Titanium heaters are 100% submerged in the water flow path converting all electrical energy into heat energy. If the heater is not submerged in water, it may not be 100% efficient since some of the heat energy is wasted and may not be heating the water resulting in higher electrical consumption for each heating cycle. Most spa manufactures purchase their heaters from spa control manufacturers and the spa control manufacturers purchase the heater assemblies from heater assemblers and the heater assemblers purchase the heaters from heater makers. At Regal Spa we design, dielectric test, mega ohm test, and assemble our own heaters.

      Show me the controls!

The Mega e-Saver is designed to turn "ON" the spa heater(s) only when it is necessary saving Regal Spas consumers hundreds of dollars in wasted electrical energy due to their lack of experience with spas and the lack of experience of spa control designers.
At Regal Spas we manufacture our controls per our specifications.
Our controls are equipped with 25 years of experience and knowledge in producing spas, spa heaters, spa pumps and spa controls.
The Mega e-Saver is equipped with 11kW heater to cut the heating cycle in half. In doing so a Regal spas consumers would save 50% of low speed running time for each heating cycle.
Our 11kW heater heats up the spa water twice as fast when compared with other spas that provide a 5.5kW or even a 4.0kW heater.
The Mega e-Saver is also equipped with many other programmable features that are well described in our operations manual.

      Show me the pumps!

Our pumps are designed to convert electrical to mechanical energy the most efficient way. Our unique pump designs perform at maximum with the least hydraulic noise by managing and testing for concentricity and perpendicularity for each impeller separately. Each and every pump is water tested before it is installed on a spa.
Our circulating pump only draws 1.2Amps (0.275 kW) and pumps 59 GPM.
Our president and CEO has been designing and producing pumps since 1987. Most spa manufactures purchase their pumps from spa pump manufacturers, at Regal Spa we make our own.

      Show me the automatic airbleeder!

Our patented Automatic Air Bleeder will prevent dry firing the heater which is the most common problem in a spa application.
(Most spa companies provide a manual air bleeder with spa plumbing. Each time you fill the spa you must remember to manually bleed the air out of the plumbing otherwise you may end up with dry fired heaters and paying high dollars for it even on a brand new spa).
At Regal Spas we will replace the heater per our limited warranty if it is dry fired.

      Show me the testing for energy efficiency! And tell me your letter in the testing table!

In August 2008, twenty-seven spas from major spa companies were submitted for testing at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obisbpo for compliance to Title 20 as required by the California Energy Commission (C.E.C.).
The test results were identified by letters in the report and not by companies or product name. The standard spa identified by letter "V" in the report was tested using our Megatrol controls, patent pending heater, patented manifold, and patent pending pump system.
The results were 58% below the allowed energy usage as defined by the C.E.C. (see Table 2, Page 6 of Test Report).
The industry standard spa was submitted by CoverPlay, a Spa Cover Manufacturer using their cover and our support system.

Show me the cabinet! Show me the waterfall! Show me the jets!
Show me the motor cooler! Show me the plumbing! Show me the spa in action!
Show me the spa shell! Show me the frame! Show me the sanitization system!
  Show me the mood light!  

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