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Regal Spas gladly shares some of our customer's experiences with our energy efficient hot tubs and the different massaging effects of each hydrotherapy seat:


I couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase the Caesar Hydro-Therapy Spa. Everything about this spas says QUALITY.

Of course, everyone says something along this line with just about everything they just purchased.

I did my homework which included an exhausting 6 months of research into what features makes up a well built hot tub and looking at over 50 different models and brands of hot tubs. I can say without hesitation that there is no better built, energy efficient hot tub on the market today, period.

Its impressive to see a well built quality spa that includes: 2x4 support structure, thick acrylic/fiberglass shell, energy efficient motors with heat recovery, 3 inch manifolds, titanium heaters, energy efficient cover, and USA made electronics and components just to name a few.

Being an energy engineer, the number one feature I was looking for was that it had to be "truly" energy efficient. It's amazing to me how many salesmen told me that their product was energy efficient until I asked for proof. During the month of July with average outside temperature around 85F, the tub maintained 104F temperature without running the heaters. The heat from the motor used during filtration coupled with the energy efficient cover and insulated cabinet was all that was needed to keep the tub at the desired set-point.

It's also amazing to me how many salesmen told me that their product was well built until I had them open the surrounding skirt enclosure. When you open the Caesar spa, it's quite apparent even to the non-engineer that this is a well engineered, top of the line built product.

When the hot tub arrived, neighbors and friends were impressed not only with the overall looks of the tub itself but with the actual components that were located in the housing area. The general comment was WOW!

In addition, Regal Spas was the only company that took the time to answer all of my questions.

I can assure your future customers, that the Caesar Spa is truly the best built, best engineered, energy efficient hot tub on the market today.”

Jerry Eaton, PE, CEM, CPE, CEEP
Senior Energy Advisor

Jerry Eaton received the Region III Renewable Energy Innovator of the Year Award for 2011 by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers).

Jerry reported his observation and cost of operation after two years of owning a “Caesar” hot tub by Regal Spas.
“If temp is above 46F…the additional cost to heat the hot tub is $0

The worst month was Jan and Feb 2013 with the average temp at a blistering 21.5F ….the average increase in energy usage for running the heaters (subtracting out pumping power) was approx. $43.60/month….

So I was say that for each decrease in temp below 48F(baseline) you would add about $2/month ….so if the average monthly temp is 38F (10F drop from the baseline) this would add about $20/month to heat the hot tub.

If the average temp was 26F….(20F drop from the baseline temp of 46F) this would equate to $40/month increase in running the heaters.

Keep in mind that my hot tub is located inside a 4 wall structure (top is open to the atmosphere) therefore very little wind loss…..for a hot tub exposed to the wind the cost or operations would go up.”

Jerry Eaton, PE, CEM, CPE
Senior Energy Management Professional
Focus on Energy – Large Energy User Program

“To: Joe Elnar and Regal Spas

Research for a better living

This is a statement telling the short story about my research for a better spa in Norway. It all began in 2009 when I discovered leakage in my Catalina spa. I had a tech from Catalina spending a couple of hours trying to repair it without success. We tried to repair it by adding a "leak sealing solution". After two attempts the leakage was almost tight and I decided to sell the spa and buy a new and better one. Two days after I sold it I had to take it back from the buyer because it was still leaking... a lot! So I just got rid of it and started my research. I made a lot of comparisons between different brands and models, and made my own spreadsheet with different criteria. After several visits to different dealers I came across one with a special "neck massage" I was very impressed with (I also remember seeing it briefly on a web page somewhere...). However I was told by the salesman that this was the last one with this feature because the maker of this massage had decided to increase the price so it became too expensive. After another search on the internet I did find the manufacturer which happened to be Regal Spas, Inc. I made a more thorough study of the product, found it interesting, but could not find any information about any dealer outside the U.S.A. I therefore made a request to Regal Spas directly and came into contact with a very knowledgeable man, Joe Elnar. I told him about my research for a better spa and about my background as an electronic engineer and ships electrician. We found we had mutual interests and in June 2010 we decided to become a Scandinavian distributor and make a European version of the Caesar spa. Our first customer arrived between Christmas and New Year 2011. All spas are now running and we are in the process of establishing dealers in our country. The quality of the spa and the massage function is excellent and the general impression about the spa and the company Regal Spas, Inc. is very satisfying and above our expectations.
I will warmly recommend this spa to everyone especially those looking for the best massage in the market today.”

Best regards,
Stale Finsrud
Sales Manager
E-mail: sales@regalspas.no

Regal Spas Scandinavia by
Tomter Lodge AS
Osloveien 160


I would like to express my sincere appreciation on two items regarding my experience with your company.

First is you. Of the many conversations we have had, you've always exhibited extreme patience and professionalism. As a relative "newbie" to spa's, answering endless questions on how they operate to getting the right balance in the water must have been tiring. Even so, I never got the sense of frustration on your part or that I was a nuisance. This included both before and after my purchase, even when jumping through hoops so that I could have the spa delivered and set up before my family arrived for the Holiday's. It was enjoyed by all. Thank you! Also, with all the years of experience you have had of engineering these products, you could explain things in clear and easy terms that I could understand! That is a marvel in itself. I could tell you were always looking out for what was in my best interest. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Second is the spa itself. What a marvel it is. You were absolutely correct in saying that it would take a few times to get the sense of how to use it. It is amazing that each chair does something different and each one can be customized to what you like. I have found a routine that I like where I use all four seats and go in a specific order as I feel it give me the most relaxing "workout". I start out with the Shiatsu neck message, followed by the "hands on kneading message" by the roller balls, then to vibrating jets and finally the pulsating ones. Being able to control the amount of water flow through the jets also helps. Some days I want a more gentle and soft message and on other days more vigorous. When turned up high, I literally have to hold myself in place or the jets pushes me slowly forward. What an experience that is! It heats up fast, the filtration cycle keeps it warm, it creates its own chlorine and the mood lights at night are great!

I don't know what else I can say except I have never had a more pleasant experience in purchasing something and afterward finding the product is much more than expected.

I wish you well and great success.”


“Dear Joe,

Thanks for all your help in diagnosing my little problem, as I said, even though my spa was built in 1988, over the past 20 years I have only had to occasionally replace small things like GFIs, some relays, and that's about all. I was amazed that you took the time to call me back and answer my questions about the control system. This kind of service is unheard of nowadays, I was further impressed with your knowledge of a 20 year old model which I think you said you helped engineer and design. (Congrats! By the way for such a durable design.) and therefore you provided a very helpful troubleshooting checklist.
Anyway, I just wanted to pass along this letter of "Thanks" for such a great service and let you know that should my spa ever "give up the ghost" (God forbid, ha ha), I will darn sure make sure my next one has an Acura Spa control system!”

Don Shooter
Yuma, AZ

“Thanks for the great customer service... it's been awhile since I got such good customer service, so knowledgeable and honest. I have been fed up with the poor customer service from ThermoSpa... glad I found your company.”

Carlos Martinez
Quaker Hill, CT

“Thanks again for all parts. The spa is running like new again, thanks to your good service. The spa is now approx. 20 years old and I must say very good quality.”

Thanks again to you and greetings from Germany.
Thomas Cordes

“Joseph Elnar was amazing!!! Very much appreciated his knowledge, expertise and help!”

Carol Lincourt
Lakesire, AZ

“I would like to thank Acura Spa for the excellent experience in dealing with you company.

The web site was easy to understand and navigate.
The motor I ordered was promptly shipped and arrived much faster than I expected. I ordered it Thursday and it arrived Saturday. I installed it two hours later and it worked perfectly. We enjoyed our hot tub that night. Overall, this transaction was a very pleasant experience. Kudos to the Acura team. Thank you again.”

Ronald Krainz
Mesa, AZ

“Very knowledgeable and excellent service.”

Gloria Huckett
Broken Arrow, OK

“We had to replace a motor in 2004, THe Spa is a good product.”

Dale Ranck
Utica, OH

“Keep manufacturing in the USA!! Thanks!”

Thomas Bourbeau
Ventura, CA

“We purchased the spa to aide in my recovery from neck and shoulder injuries suffered in a car accident. After testing multiple spas and dozens of different neck treatment devices, the Aquassage was the only device that provided a true therapeutic neck massage. The rotating fingers on the unit gently rub the back and sides of my neck providing relief from the muscle spasms and tightness that were typical of my injuries. Other products either use water pressure that splashes everywhere or use much smaller fingers to perform the massage. Neither of which provide the true massage action that the Aquassage unit gives.”

Martha Ann McClain
Potomac Falls, VA

“Thank you and Joseph and the other staff that have been so helpful an kind to us in this matter and repair. It is very refreshing during this time of financial uncertainty people that are professional, honest and polite.”

Jim & Paula Watson

“Joe's assistance with the technical support helped me make sure I was ordering the right parts for my SPA. He told me what to look for and what to make sure I checked in the order and part numbers to make sure I had the right replacement for my pump and blower. Can't wait to get the parts and get my spa back into shape again. Thanks for all your help and $ I saved going direct.”

Moustafa Zerhouni
Virginia Beach, VA


THANK YOU! I consider myself a pretty handy guy but I don"t think I would have figured this one out. I greatly appreciate your help.


Kyle Ranville Dalzell, S.C.

“Congratulations on your spa, that's class A impressive top of the line in very good taste high end style spa, with nothing but the best under the hood and on top. That's most defiantly going to be a hit !!!
Keep it up Joe, good work.”

Tom Kelleher
Hidromasaje de Mexico SA de CV
Director General

“Thank you very much for your support and your consultation efforts in assisting me with this energy efficient project. I am pleased to announce that with your efforts to enhance the controller to accommodate my more efficient COVER•PRO spa cover we have exceeded my original energy goals. Our test facility was designed to meet the specifications required by the CEC for spas in California and employed a watt-hour meter to monitor energy use. The spa tested was an industry standard 350 gallon model with a single 2 speed 4 hp continuous duty pump with the water temp set at 104°. My test results from October 2007 to May 2008 have steadily shown an average energy use of 2.33 kwh per 24 hour period using the program you modified for me. For comparison a 2 year old XXXXX Spa in the ambient set at 100 degrees with a factory provided wide hinged cover tested at 14.45 kwh per 24 hour period. These significant differences have been filed in a report by me to the Emerging Technologies Division of PG&E for review by the CEC and examining test facility at Cal Poly. As I await their results and accreditation I would like to offer you the first opportunity to benefit from this new collaborative effort as I look forward to working with you for a more energy efficient industry and a greener planet. Thank you for your generosity, humble demeanor and sense of humor as it has been a pleasure to work with you.”

E. Jess Tudor
Coverplay, Inc.

“I wish to take this opportunity to express my great pleasure with your service. My experience with you personally and Acura Spa in general has been outstanding.

Thank you so much to the quick responses and the overall pleasant experience. ”

Greg Ham
Denver, Colorado

“Lastly, please thank Joe very, very much for his time today. It was a pleasure to speak with someone who is so knowledgable in fluid flow.”
Take care,
Ron Wentzke
Auburn, WA

“Thank you very much. It was easy and a pleasure to do business with you guys.”

Tony D.

“Second time I've ordered something and you guys are always helpful... Thx!”

Edward Shearer
Fayetteville, NC

“Thank you. We are very pleased with your prompt and honest customer service. Good luck on your continuing business success.”

Bob Jones

“Thank you so much for the info. And thanks to Joe for calling me today and being so patient with me and all my stupid questions.”

Rick Golde

“My wife and I bought a new hottub in 2000, we had just bought a new home and figured it would be a great way to relax after working on the home all day. Were we ever right, she of course got the what we call the captains chair, and I got the lounge seat. On the neck area of the captains chair rests the aquasassge, two knobs, that rotate in a small circular fashion. Just enough to make you sink into a nice relaxed state. Me I was still stuck in the lounge seat.

Now 7 years later, the tub has had some leaks and some repairs, nothing dramatic though. The aquasassge is working again now with a simple repair. It took me less than 10 minutes, to replace the cover and the flex shafts. Having 2 kids abuse the tub the way they have, I am surprised that’s all I’ve had to do.

I would like to take this time to thank the people of Acuraspa Company for making so many parts available to me, the end user of their product, so that I could repair my own hottub. I look forward to perhaps changing some of the other jets in my tub to some of the new products they offer.”

Thank You,
R Brian Dunlap
Scotch Plains, NJ

“Thanks Joe, nice to deal with somebody who knows what they are talking about!”


Dear Joe,

“As sales manager for Islander Spas, Inc., I have had the opportunity to see how well your products help us to sell our spas wholesale to our dealers and on the retail level as well. We have been using your fine water therapy products in our spas for years and your products give us the advantage over our competitors because with Aquassage, Vibra-Jet, and Rollassage, we can offer the ultimate in massage therapy and enjoyment in our Islander Spas.

When people first see the Aquassage, they are amazed. They say they've never seen anything like it in a spa. I ask them if they ever have headaches, or if they have stress in their lives. (Most modern Americans answer yes to these questions.) They put their arm into the warm water up against the Aquassage to feel the action in the water, which they say is like "Shiatsu" or "Kneading Fingers", which they've seen demonstated at fairs or shows, etc. They feel it work for a few moments on their arm and they are in love with the real deep massaging sensation. When I've seen customers later after the purchase of their Islander Spa, they tell me that they love the Aquassage, which not only helps with headaches and neck tension, but they like to use it on their legs and shoulders after a work out for ultimate muscle relaxation.

Your wonderful Vibra-Jet really creates a nice vibrating sensation on the user's back. When the retail customers put their hands against the Vibra-Jet in the running spa, they just, "Ooh and Ah!". The Vibra-Jet really gives the customers much more than just water action - this offers an actual touch massage that creates a pleasurable, gentle, tingling sensation.

The ultimate luxurious massage is offered by your wonderful Rollassage. Your technology has captured the ancient oriental art of massage by gently rolling balls on the back with the hands. The customer who touches the Rollassage in action becomes immediately involved with the wonder of the product. They can imagine their private luxury at home with their Islander Spa with Rollassage.

Some customers have asked, "Doesn't the electric motor of the Aquassage, Rollassage, or the Vibra-Jet pose an electrical shock danger in a spa?" They are so delighted when I am able to explain to all of them that they are powered by the water action of their spa, with no electrical motors involved to create the massage action!

Joe, thanks for turning out such wonderful new products, year after year, that enable us to offer the very best to our customers in Islander Spas with innovative products from Acura Spa Systems!”

Very cordially,
John Mason
Sales Manager
Islander Spas, Inc.


“I'm writing in reference to the many years of doing business with Acura equipment, and the many years of great support you have given with your equipment. You've always been very supportive in helping in times of equipment problems even though they are far and few between. Its been approximately ten years since I started doing business with Acura equipment and found it to be the most trouble free equipment I've dealt with in the fifteen years I've been in the spa industry. You've been very innovative with your Rollassage, Vibra-Jet, and Aquassage that have added innovation in therapy no other jet company has ever offered. If your new equipment boxes with the titanium heaters are as reliable as the old equipment boxes I look for even fewer problems because of the new titanium heaters. As always Joe I appreciate your great support through the years but most of all your friendship. Take care and thanks again.”

Jon Cameron
Sioux Falls, S.D.