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Vibra-Jet™ Spa Massager

U.S. Patented and Foreign Patents Pending

Vibra-Jet Spa Massager

Animation slowed down to show the motion of the massager.


Vibra-Jet™ is a unique hydrotherapy massager when used in a hot tub delivers water pressure combined with a vibrating water nozzle produces a unique sensation no other jet can mimic.

New sensations and new levels of hydrotherapy in spas are achieved by the energetic vibration of the massaging pad pampered by the lowered water pressure. Feelings no other spa jet can duplicate!

Vibra-Jet™ installs like a spa jet, but actually it is a spa massager! It may be positioned to massage the lower or upper back providing the spa bather the benefit of having a vibrating massage in hot water.

The vibrating mechanism of this spa massager is completely removable from within the spa making the Vibra-Jet™ easy for future service.





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